We Don't Care About Music Anyway

Ainda não consegui ver direito, parece mais um documentário goiaba com um monte de imagens boas no meio, o que é sempre bom. Tá legendado em francês. Link amigavelmente roubado do Surreal Moviez.

3 comentários:

  1. sadly the link has been removed...is it possible to re-upload it pleaze ?

  2. It is still online, but I don't know how long....
    Look: http://filetram.com/download/megaupload/video/6741713143/don-t-care-avi#

    I'm looking this film for 6 months to download. If anyone has it, please contact me!!! tec064@wp.pl

  3. I can't find it either! pleaaaase if anyone finds it, let me know at latinoise AT gmail DOT com! thankssss